Post Construction Cleaning

Dundrum Cleaning Services is the leader for post-construction cleaning services, but what is post construction cleaning? When the dust and debris from your new construction or home remodeling project gets overwhelming, Dundrum Cleaning Service can return everything to pristine condition with thorough cleaning after renovation.

Dirt and debris are inevitable during any renovation project. While renovation experts do a basic cleanup, they are not a professional cleaning company. Often residue of the work performed is left behind. Dundrum Cleaning Services has the equipment to erase the remnants of a recent renovation job.

Common issues include dust on the carpet, floors and window ledges. Sometimes debris might be left in the corners or in certain areas where extensive work was done. All of this post-construction dust and debris should be removed with extensive carpet cleaning and window cleaning to make your premises ready for occupants.

Various materials are used during the construction and renovation process. Our cleaning pros know what it takes to get rid of them to give you a clean and functional environment.

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Post Construction Cleaning